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Papa's Cluckeria To Go!
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Aug 23, 2023
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Papa's Cluckeria To Go! v1.0.3 Mod Apk (unlock full version)

Papa's Cluckeria To Go! In the new papa's series, players will run a burger joint, serve your customers your own homemade burgers, and in doing so, strive to become the best burger joint in town.

Choose your character

Players can create their own characters at will, either from the default characters Wylan B and Olivia, or from scratch. The appearance of the character doesn't have much impact on the game. But hey, who wouldn't want to be themselves in a game again?

Game story

In the game, players and Papa found business opportunities in the town, they found that it is very suitable for making hamburgers, so they set up a hamburger restaurant here, but the protagonist suddenly found that they are not the only people with this idea, the protagonist must rely on Papa's secret recipe and their own efforts to beat other hamburger restaurants.

Take orders from customers

Just like other Papa series games, in Papa's Cluckeria To Go, players will receive a variety of different orders from various customers, whether it is the bread used, the type of meat, even the vegetables added, and the supporting drinks are different, players need to make according to the requirements of the order. To get the customer's approval.

Cooking Patty

In the game, the player's burger restaurant has a total of three patties, the player needs to choose according to the customer's requirements, after choosing the patties, it is necessary to cook the patties, including wrapping powder and sauce, and then frying in the oil pan, pay attention to the patties need to be out of the pan at the most appropriate time, too early too late is not appropriate.

Add additional ingredients

When you have finished making the patties, you can place the patties on the bread, then sprinkle the requested sauce, and garnish. Keep in mind that both sauce and garnishes need to be evenly distributed throughout the burger, and no one wants to eat a burger with sauce on half the Patty. When you have finished placing all the ingredients, it is time to cover the top bread.

Prepare matching drinks

In addition to burgers, Papa's Burger joint also offers matching drinks. You need to pay attention to the size of the drink, small, medium, or large. Then there's the body of the drink and the ingredients that go with it.

Accept a customer's taste

When everything is ready, you can serve the prepared meal to the customer, the customer will be rated according to the accuracy and performance of your food, the higher the score, the more consumption will be provided. At the same time, the customer's favorable rating will be higher, and the customers with high favorable rating will frequent your store.

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