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Aug 15, 2023
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Note: the problem of Android 11 mobile phone unable to download data has been fixed. Please uninstall and reload to experience the game normally! The game can experience the complete content; Large amount of money and unlimited use of gold coins to buy things or upgrade; Attached Archives: weishao + Duncan + Garnett + Cote + Letterman + driver + Yao Ming + curry + Thompson + Wade + harden + Lin Shuhao + George + Anthony + Simmons + 99 ability + full badge + street full court + full stars, enter the game, click the navigation and select load to select archives 1. If the game needs Google service, the game can still run normally 2. The game has high requirements for mobile phone configuration. It is recommended to configure CPU: Qualcomm 821 and running memory: 4G for mobile phone. If the configuration is lower than this, please try it yourself (it is possible that you cannot run or flash back) 3. The current version of the game may be incompatible with some models, unable to enter the game, please wait for the subsequent update of the game 4, game quality can be adjusted in the home page "2K navigation to video settings". 5. Some full screen mobile phones in China are not officially supported, and some optimization options can not be implemented on all devices (such as: no audience in the stands, key translation, etc.) and need to wait for the follow-up optimization of manufacturers 6. This version does not support currency purchase. To purchase currency, please go to Google store to download the game 7. LAN online function should be carried out in the same network environment. It is recommended to carry out in a better network environment
NBA 2K20 v98.0.2 Mod Apk (Unlock all)

NBA2K20 is a very popular basketball game simulation game, in the game players will play as NBA teams star players to compete, in order to improve your game experience, we have launched a revised version of NBA2K20 module for you, including the following content:

1. High shooting percentage at home

2. Improved three-point shooting

3. Unlimited time of a single session

4. Unlimited time for attack

5. Click to end a session

6. Have all the luxuries

7. Own the all collection

A game for NBA fans

NBA2K20 is definitely a game for fans, in which you can play as NBA star players in various teams and experience the atmosphere of a perfect recreation of NBA events. You'll play alongside your favorite NBA stars and help your favorite team win an NBA championship!

Beautiful game screen

NBA2K20 uses excellent 3D engine technology to build, the overall painting style is exquisite and delicate, a variety of basketball venues and props are very detailed, while the perfect copy of everyone's familiar basketball stars, the overall game is like a real NBA game, greatly satisfying the visual and auditory enjoyment of players.

A variety of interesting game modes

The game offers a variety of game modes, including the story mode, which you will lead your team through game by game to win the NBA championship, and the run the streats, which has a variety of fun challenges to hone your skills. If you just want to have a good game, or play against other people online, then you can try fast games. There is always a pattern for you!!

Experience the real life of a NBA Player

In NBA2K20, there is also an interesting career mode where you will become a real NBA player, arrange your daily work life, arrange your training or dealing with the media in your spare time, join the game with your team on game day, and give your best performance.

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