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eFootball™ 2023
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Mar 25, 2024
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1.Mega Hit 2.Accurate Angle Goal 3.Cancel a Match (Activate it in online matches if you’re losing.) Note: It will download a data about 4 GB after installing it.
eFootball™ 2023 v8.4.0 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

eFootball™2023 is a football simulation video game developed by Konami Digital Entertainment. In order to help you to play the game in your way, we have launched eFootball™2023 modified version with the following features:

1.Mega Hit

2.Accurate Angle Goal

3.Cancel a Match (Activate it in online matches if you’re losing.)

eFootball™2023 is the latest entry in the live football series, released in 2023. The game will have a number of new features, including a new engine, improved graphics, and a brand new online mode. You will be able to create your own team and compete with other players online. With real, licensed teams and players from around the world, come and play against your favorite stars!

Participate in a match

In eFootball™2023, you can participate in match, match against other players around the world or practice with AI to hone your skills, and each match will be recorded and can be used to analyze your team's performance to adjust your strategy.

Set the strategy, like a real coach

Before start the match, you can adjust the team's roster and formation, just like a real coach, you can adopt the same formation as the real game, you can even change the team's shirts and club logo. Remember, only with a good lineup and formation can you get the best out of the players at hand!

Experience the real picture

Playing eFootball™2023 is like watching a real football match, with realistic pictures, you can clearly see the face of each player, enjoy their passes, volleys, and celebrations after goals. At the same time, the UI in the game is completely consistent with the real situation, which further strengthens the authenticity of the game.

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