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My Singing Monsters
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Mar 5, 2024
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Big Blue Bubble.
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My Singing Monsters v4.1.4 Mod Apk (No ads)

My Singing Monsters is a casual management game published by Big Blue Bubble Inc. Players must create a habitat for a group of monsters. But the passion of these monsters is not to scare people or eat children, but to sing.

The gameplay is exactly like most social management games: you have to create different structures in the town to obtain different resources such as food and gold. As you stockpile resources, you can acquire new monsters, and your goal is to collect as many as possible.


If you put together the monsters in My Singing Monsters, you can hear them singing tons of different types of songs. For example, one of them plays drums, another plays woodwinds, and another plays bass. Combining them in different ways will create new melodies. The game doesn't offer anything too innovative, but it's still pretty good, and the visuals are gorgeous. Most importantly, it has a fantastic soundtrack. Trying out different combinations of monsters to make new songs is by far the best thing.

100+ Monsters

Breed your monsters and create fascinating new species. There are tons of monsters to collect and more are constantly being added.

Catchy Music

Mix and match your favorite singing monsters to create unique musical melodies, each with its own unique voice.

Exciting Island

Unlock beautiful islands, each with its own unique look, song, and monster types. Players can dress up their island to make it look and sound exactly what you like.

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