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House Flipper Home Design
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Mar 30, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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PlayWay SA
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1.Play the game for free 2.Unlimited funds (increase as used) 3.No ads
House Flipper Home Design v1.382 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

House Flipper: Home Design is a first person house design game in which players design, clean and decorate their own house in the first person! In order to improve the game experience for players, we have launched House Flipper: Home Design module menu edition, including

1.Play the game for free

2.Unlimited funds (increase as used)

3.No ads

Use a variety of tools

In House Flipper: Home Design, players clean, design, and decorate their houses from a first-person perspective. You can use tools such as mops, hammers, cleaners and ladders to clean or change the shape and structure of the house. Each tool has its own special use, and you can use it according to your actual needs.

Clean your house

When you first enter the game, the first task you get is to clean your house. Your house is in desperate need of cleaning. Water stains are all over the floor, walls are stained and cracked, furniture is in a messy pile, and you need to restore order and cleanliness to the mess yourself.

Arrange your furniture

In the game, you can move and place any furniture in your house, from the huge wardrobe to the fruit basket on the table, you can place and design at will, and you can even pile one piece of furniture on top of another. You can also buy new furniture directly to add to your collection.

Decorate your house by hand

The biggest difference between House Flipper: Home Design and other Design games is that in House Flipper: Home Design, every tile you design is placed by yourself, and every inch of the wall is painted by yourself. In the game you will experience the fun of DIY decoration.

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