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Heavy Machines & Construction
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Jan 12, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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1. Unlock all content 2. Unlimited gold coins 3. Skip ads to get rewards
Heavy Machines & Construction v1.10.7 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Heavy Machines & Construction is a fun driving simulator in which players will have the opportunity to drive various heavy engineering vehicles and put these mechanical giants to work. To enhance the gaming experience for players, we have released a modified version of the Heavy Machines & Construction module, including:

1. Unlock all content

2. Unlimited gold coins

3. Skip ads to get rewards

In Heavy Machines & Construction, players will set up a construction company, and players have the opportunity to personally drive a variety of heavy vehicles in the company, from trucks to bulldozers, from forklifts to large cranes. Each vehicle will play its due role under your operation.

Purchase a variety of large vehicles

The first step players need to make is to first go to the trading market and buy various large vehicles. The player starts with a Jeep that belongs to your personal vehicle. In the market players can buy a variety of trucks, bulldozers and forklifts and other vehicles.

Experience real driving

In Heavy Machines & Construction, players will experience real driving. Each vehicle has a unique way of driving, and even the most basic jeep requires a certain amount of driving skills to get started. Players need to start the engine, put it in gear, and step on the gas as if they were driving a real vehicle. Special vehicles such as excavators have a completely different driving logic.

Experience the beauty of mechanical behemoths

In the game, players can not only drive these giant vehicles, but also let them do their own jobs. For example, the crane can be deployed to start lifting operations, the excavator can rely on the mechanical arm to dig as in reality, or like a forklift, you can freely transport items.

Use a variety of construction machinery to cooperate

In the game, the player can switch between the construction machinery owned by the fund at will, so that they can cooperate as in reality. For example, bulldozers are used to push the soil into a pile, then excavators are used to dig the pile, and finally the soil is transported to heavy trucks for removal.

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