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Graduate: Island Life
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Feb 28, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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Pujia8 Limited
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1.Unlimited Money 2.Paid game to play for Free
Graduate: Island Life v1.9 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

"Graduate: Island Life" is a simulation game full of strategy and adventure, allowing you to play a new graduate and start a new life on a beautiful isolated island. You'll be challenged to manage resources, explore, build, and interact with other islanders to create your ideal paradise.

Build your Vacation

Build your vacation paradise from scratch, complete with buildings, farmland, workshops and more. Plan your island carefully to make it a thriving community. Complete various tasks, obtain rewards, and promote the development of the game story. There are many mysterious places in the game waiting for you to explore and unlock new resources and story clues.

Resource Management and Decisions

Ensure the supply of food, water and other critical resources to meet the needs of residents and support the development of the island. Connect with other islanders, accept quests, and make important decisions that shape the fate of your island and your characters.

Beautiful Art Style

The game adopts a beautiful art style, presenting a pleasing visual experience.

"Graduate: Island Life" takes you to a vacation island full of challenges and opportunities. You'll constantly unlock new content and grow your small community while exploring the island's secrets. This game combines strategy, adventure and interactive elements to let you feel the fun of growth and adventure while building the island life of your dreams. Success in building a prosperous resort depends entirely on your decision-making and management skills.

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