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Gacha Art
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Aug 23, 2023
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1.Endless jams 2.Endless G coin 3.Endless C coin 4.Endless dollar 5.The initial character is invincible 6.The initial character can make high damage
Gacha Art v1.0.7 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Gacha Art is a cute gacha turn-based combat game. In the game you can gacha to get various characters, in order to give you a better game experience, we have launched a modified version of the Gacha Art module.

In Gacha Art, all your characters are acquired by gacha, you need to cultivate them and then throw them into turn-based combat, and you can completely customize the characters you have, create your own avatar, and use these avatars to build some scenes.

A game with a meme

Gacha Art, like its name, is full of memes, whether it is the setting or content of the game, or the plot, which contains a large number of content and memes from the Internet. If you're a deep Internet gamer, there's a lot in the game that will make you smile.

Interesting custom system

In Gacha Art you can create an image that belongs to you, you will find that the game's custom system is very powerful, including dozens of items, from the style of hair color to the action of the character, you can completely reproduce the character you have seen in the cartoon game in this custom system, the game also allows you to use the character to pose a variety of poses, make a variety of actions.

A simple combat system

The game are great for playing while you're doing other activities, and you don't need to pay as much attention. Gacha Art's combat system mimics many popular Japanese Krypton gold mobile games, you don't need to participate in the operation of the battle, you just need to see the time to release skills. All you can do to improve your fighting is to gacha and get better characters and invest resources in training them to do better in combat.

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