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Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv
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Feb 27, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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1. Unlimited money 2. Unlock all content
Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv v1.0.914 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv is a cute parenting simulation game in which players take care of a group of cute pets, hatch their eggs, and expand the adorable family. to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have released A modified version of the Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv module, which includes:

1. Unlimited money

2. Unlock all content

Are you looking for super cute animal games? Don't hesitate any more! Welcome to the sweet and dreamy world of extremely fuzzy and cute games! Hatch the eggs, take care of these little pet babies, and collect them all! Play Fluvsies - a super furry virtual animal game for girls and boys and take care of every virtual pet!

Collect all pets

There are so many different Fluvsies to incubate and collect! Each little pet is unique, but they all love magic, candy and playing with children's toys! Every boy and girl will find their favorite animal! Play cute games and collect all virtual pets: from pink cats to fluffy little rainbow unicorns!

Enjoy cute animal games

Make sure you take good care of your super cute virtual animals - they're just like little kids! Hatch eggs, feed each virtual pet and keep them entertained: play with toys, DIY together, and discover fun and cute games for the kids!

Play cute mini games

In the game includes a variety of cute mini games, players can play these interesting mini games to earn gold, in preparation for collecting more pets.

Incubate and care for each virtual pet

You've found a place for cute hatching animals to play! Did you know that these furry baby pets hatch from surprise eggs? Just put two Fluvsies into the Magic merge machine, get a new egg and wait for it to hatch. Each little pet is a big furry surprise!

Fashion salon

All cute games have beauty salon and dress up! Now you can dress each of your virtual pets in super cute and stylish outfits! Choose from a large selection of cute dresses and accessories, turn your virtual pet Fluvsies into real pet fashionistas, and explore cute face painting designs!

Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv v1.0.914 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download
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