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Aug 15, 2023
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user made(The game needs to open the full screen and give storage permission, click quicmatch to start the game, currently there is only one mode). Note: Due to official reasons, Android 11 and Android 12 cannot be installed temporarily, please know.
FIFA 22 v3.2.113645 Mod Apk (User Made)

FIFA 22 is a competitive football mobile game developed by the original team of the FIFA series of Electronic Arts company. In order to let you better experience the game, we have launched a modified version of the FIFA22 module, including the following features:

1.Unlock all content

2.No ads

3.Game speed increased

FIFA 22 as a competitive football mobile game, all content has been authorized by FIFA official, the game truly restores the live atmosphere of the football match. With unique player development, you can collect and develop players according to your preferences. The simple operation mode allows you to experience the fun of football quickly and without pressure. More than 10,000 real players, more than 30 real leagues and major clubs can play in the game!

Participate in completely customized competitions

In FIFA 22, you can completely customize your game, you can decide which country which team to participate, home and away, and you can also decide the detailed rules of the game and the length of the game, so that you can operate and feel the atmosphere of the game.

Adjust your lineup

Before the game, you can adjust the lineup of your team and the formation used, just like a real team coach, and you can even change the team to use home or away shirts. Remember, you can only get the best out of your players with the right lineup and formation strategy!

Experience real exciting football events

As a professional football simulation game, FIFA 22 has a deep simulation of what will happen on the pitch, such as various common fouls and penalties. Players have legitimate reactions to what happens on the pitch, such as dissatisfaction with a referee's decision, joy at a teammate's goal, etc.

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