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Oct 30, 2023
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vXUANV6 7723release
Flying With Gauss
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CS1.6 XGO vXUANV6 7723release Mod Apk (player made)

What is CS1.6 XGO?

CS1.6 XGO MOD APK is a fun shooting battle mobile game. The brand new CS1.6 Challenge, friends who like shooting come and join us! The exciting shooting combat experience has fascinated many people. It has a high sense of detail, and also has Chinese subtitles. There are many weapons and rich character skins.

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What are the features of CS1.6 XGO MOD APK Real Shooting?

1. Shootout showdowns, exciting competitions, and diverse combat missions will give you more surprises;

2. Defeat more enemies, experience exciting gameplay, and gain more game rewards;

3. Passionate gun battles, exciting games, flexible use of guns, and easy completion of tasks.

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CS1.6 XGO MOD APK Powerful Engine

1. This game has been ported from PC platform to mobile phone, which can bring more convenience to CSGO enthusiasts;

2. You can come and play games at any time, and use various guns and weapons flexibly to defeat enemies easily;

3. The exciting shooting game starts now. As a ten-year veteran, your role is to pick up weapons to destroy the enemy.

CS1.6 XGO ScreenShot - APKIKI.COM

How to play CS1.6 XGO MOD APK ?

1. You can create your own skin. This skin is visible to other players in the game, so you can decorate your appearance as much as you like;

2. In two different game modes, defeat the enemy or become the first, each gameplay has its own excitement to experience;

3. There is no skin, it has spray, to use the spray go to the store, select the weapon, select the details, select the spray and confirm.

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