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Cooking Papa: Cookstar
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Dec 29, 2023
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1. Play the game for free 2. Skip ads and go straight to campaign rewards
Cooking Papa: Cookstar v2.20.3 Mod Apk (No Ads)

Cooking Papa: Cookstar is a fun business simulation game in which players play the role of Papa, running their own restaurant and cooking for the guests themselves. To enhance the game experience for our players, we have released a modified version of the Cooking Papa: Cookstar module, which includes:

1. Play the game for free

2. Skip ads and go straight to campaign rewards

In Cooking Papa: Cookstar, players take on the role of a handsome Papa who runs his own restaurant by the sea and cooks for his guests according to their needs. In this way, they continue to operate and expand their own restaurants.

Take orders from customers

In the game, players will accept orders from various customers, in addition to a variety of different dishes, they will also ask for the salinity and spiciness of dishes, players need to pay attention to their needs and meet in order to obtain higher evaluation.

Time to cook

In the game, players will cook the dishes themselves, experiencing every step of the food production, from adding oil to placing ingredients, to sprinkling salt and cooking itself. When cooking, the player needs to toss to control the temperature of the dish, so that the temperature of the dish is kept in a reasonable range. So the food will be delicious.

Serve food to customers

When you have finished cooking, you are ready to serve the food to the guests. Place the dishes in the pot on the plate, and then serve the table. Then comes the most intense customer evaluation.

Summary and evaluation

When you serve the food to the guests, you can wait for the customer's evaluation, the customer's evaluation will determine your income. The higher the customer rating, the more additional revenue will be generated, but at the same time, don't forget that the price of the raw material is also paid by you, so you need to ensure the quality of the food to make a profit.

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