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Cat Mart : Purrfect Tycoon
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Feb 21, 2024
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Cat Mart : Purrfect Tycoon v1.2.20 Mod Apk (No ads)

shouying : Purrfect Tycoon is a simple and cute business simulation game, in which you will set up your food shop, earn money by selling foods, and gradually upgrade your shop.

Simple Control

Cat Mart: The operation of Purrfect Tycoon is very simple. All the activities of players can be completed with only one hand. Because you only need to control the movement of the cute cat, from listing goods to unlocking upgrades, all interactions only need the cat to stand in the right place to complete. Perfect for when you're waiting for the bus, or resting.

Start from scratch

You will start your Cat Mart from scratch, first of all, you need to rely on your own power to complete all the work of the store. From stock to shelves to cash registers. At first the player's work will be very busy, but as you work, your funds will accumulate, and you can hire other cats to help you.

Meet All Kinds of Cat

In Cat Mart : Purrfect Tycoon, where able to meet various cats like Siamese cats, Korean short hair cats, tri-color cats, Ragdoll cats, Persian cats, Bengal cats, etc. All those cats are very cute and lively.

Build Your Business Empire

As money accumulates in the game, you can unlock various things. From the simple selling of fruit at the beginning, to making and selling juice. From the beginning, everything is done by hand, and then it is fully automated by employees. Coupled with the game's lovely and simple painting style, it makes player feel a sense of accomplishment.

Cat Mart : Purrfect Tycoon v1.2.20 Mod Apk (No ads) Download
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