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Car Simulator 2
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Apr 3, 2024
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Oppana Games
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Mod Menu 1、Unlimited Currency 2、A lot of gasoline 3、No Ads 4、The game is three times faster than before
Car Simulator 2 v1.50.25 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Car Simulator 2 is an interesting driving racing game, in the game players will be free to drive a variety of different vehicles in the city freely. In order to enhance the game experience for players, we have here launched the Car Simulator 2 built-in module Menu Edition, which includes the following:

1.Built-in mod menu, including a large number of game mods available for download

2.Unlimited currency

3.Unlimited gas

4.No ads

5.Speed up the game to triple

In Car Simulator 2, the player will drive a variety of simulated vehicles, freely drive around the city, participate in various missions and activities to earn gold, and buy more vehicles on the phone. Players can freely modify the vehicle in their hands, and players can also experience the process of driving and refueling the vehicle.

Experience a real driving experience

In the game, you will experience the fun of driving a vehicle from a first-person perspective. You'll hit the gas and brake and use your turn signal as if you were driving a real car, and the car in the game will respond like a real car, giving you a fun driving experience that no other game can give you.

Refueling your car

In the game you can even experience the process of refueling your car. There are many gas stations in the city, when your car is short of gasoline, you need to go to the gas station to refuel your car, you will be like a real owner, complete the whole process of refueling, open your oil valve, insert the oil gun, and refuel.

Go to an auto repair shop to modify your vehicle

As a racing game, Car Simulator 2 certainly has modification features. You only need to drive the vehicle to the auto repair shop, and then you can modify, you can choose to modify to improve the performance of your vehicle, you can also replace the parts of the vehicle, change the appearance of your car, the game's powerful modification function allows you to convert a car into a completely different one.

Car Simulator 2 v1.50.25 Mod Apk (Mod Menu) Download
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