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Call of Duty Mobile
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Feb 1, 2024
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Activision Publishing, Inc.
Call of Duty Mobile v1.0.43 Apk (official)

Call of Duty is a multiplayer online first-person shooter game jointly launched by Activision and Tencent. The game has high-quality visual effects, while also highly restoring the classic map gameplay and characters of Call of Duty, and has made substantial modifications to the operation characteristics of mobile phones to adapt to the play of mobile phones.

An excellent shooting class mobile games

The Call of Duty Mobile game inherits the consistent shooting feeling and game experience of the Call of Duty series, and fully combines the classic UI of the Call of Duty with the operation characteristics of the mobile terminal, making the Call of Duty mobile game an excellent shooting mobile game.

Gunsmith system

Gunsmith system enhances the firearms used by players, while players can be equipped with gun skin according to preferences, in addition to additional attributes of firearms, prototype guns can also be upgraded to have the same accessories as blueprints, which increases the balance of the game, custom system will greatly enhance the richness of the game, players can DIY the most suitable for their own needs of the gun. Different levels of firearms and accessories, core, camouflage weapon skills, etc. are integrated into a system, in this system, players can customize all the accessories, equipped with all the accessories will change the appearance of the weapon, the gun level is changed to 50, including all the parts that make up the weapon.

Kill streak

In Call of Duty mobile games, you get a kill streak bonus for killing multiple enemies in one life. Kill streaks are usually special skills that help you fight or directly kill your enemies, such as radar scanning, bombing, etc. So saving yourself in the game is just as important as killing enemies.

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