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Feb 22, 2024
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Unlimited Currency
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1. Unlimited gold coins 2. Unlimited Diamonds 3. Unlock all content
Bubbu v1.124 Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Bubbu is a game in which players take care of a cute cat named Bubbu, feed him and play with him. In order to improve players' gaming experience, we have released a modified version of the Bubbu module, including the following modifications:

1. Unlimited gold coins

2. Unlimited Diamonds

3. Unlock all content

Take care Bubbu

As with all upbringing games, Bubbu has a variety of needs: he gets hungry, needs to go to the bathroom, gets sleepy and gets bored. Each of these needs requires you to perform corresponding activities to meet them, such as taking him to the toilet, feeding him food, playing with him, etc. In the game, you can not only buy food to feed Bubbu, but also make bread and other food to feed Bubbu.

Play with Bubbu

In Bubbu, you can play a variety of small games with Bubbu. Each small game has a unique way of playing, and it is very interesting. By playing games, Bubbu can feel happy and not bored. Playing the game at the same time can earn gold and unlock more items.

Change your Bubbu

In the game, you can give your Bubbu to wear a variety of interesting and cute clothes, or change his coat color, as well as the use of accessories, you can completely customize your Bubbu!

Adventure with Bubbu

In the game, in addition to playing with Bubbu at home, you can also go out with Bubbu, go to the beauty salon, go to the hospital, and even drive out, the gameplay is very diverse.

Let Bubbu grow

As you interact with Bubbu more, such as taking care of him, or playing various mini-games, Bubbu's level will also increase, as the level will be rewarded with gold, while unlocking various new items, such as mini games and Bubbu dress up. At the same time, the increase in level also sees you and Bubbu spend more time together.

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