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Mar 23, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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1. Unlimited gold coins 2. Infinity Stones 3. Skip ads to get rewards
Bowmasters v6.0.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Bowmasters is a fun third person shooter game in which players become archery masters and fight enemies with bows and arrows, accurately calculating your power and angles. In order to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have released a revised version of the Bowmasters module, including the following changes:

1. Unlimited gold coins

2. Infinity Stones

3. Skip ads to get rewards

In Bowmasters, players will play a variety of interesting roles against the enemy, you must calculate your shooting Angle according to the distance between you and the enemy, the characteristics of your weapon, power, and let your projectiles draw the perfect trajectory to hit your enemy.

Use a variety of interesting characters

In Bowmasters, you can choose from a variety of interesting characters, including characters from other TV and video games, such as Uncle Sam, Thor, Leonardo, Santa Claus, Stormborn, Cat Man and other characters, you can immediately recognize the character they are spoof. Each role has a corresponding weapon, different weapons have different characteristics and attack methods, throwing ballistic is also different, need players to adapt and master.

Upgrade your character

In the game, part of the role can be upgraded, the appearance of the role will become more gorgeous after the upgrade, while the power of the weapon will be improved, the special effects of the weapon will be stronger, to help you defeat the enemy faster.

Fight all kinds of enemies

The main gameplay of the game is that the two sides stand on both sides of the map, take turns to fire weapons, and the first side to kill the other side wins. The damage done by the weapon is different depending on where it hits, and of course it takes a bit of luck to get it right. But don't think that if you hit once you can hit the same Angle continuously, because when you hit the enemy, they will be knocked out of the air, standing in a new position, causing you to need to re-aim.

Improve your ranking

As your number of wins increases, your ranking will continue to increase, and defeating enemies ranked higher than you will get more rewards, and defeating the top three in the leaderboard will get a very big reward.

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