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War Regions - Tactical Game
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Oct 6, 2023
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Get ready for total battlefield domination in this fast-paced and exciting tactical battle game where only the strong and the quick can survive. Plan your strategy, deploy your troops, and conquer the whole board to win the war before your enemies can outnumber and outmaneuver you. If you enjoy tactical battle games with challenging strategy and original gameplay, you’re bound to enjoy War Regions.

Geometric warfare

Maneuver your troops around the game board’s hexagons to attack the enemy or reinforce your positions. Can you reach your target from your current positions? You’ll have to draw the line to see.

Strategic waiting

Depending on your strategy and the state of the battle, you can choose to attack immediately or wait for your resources to regenerate over time and then launch a more powerful attack. But remember, your enemy’s resources are always expanding too.

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Full-spectrum warfare

Fight with tanks, artillery and helicopters, learning how best to deploy your troops for the fastest and most effective takeover of the board. Each time you send troops to reinforce a position, you leave the position you’re moving them from unguarded and an easy target for takeover by the enemy. Can you regenerate forces fast enough to protect it?

Fight on all fronts

As the game progresses and the board gets bigger, you’ll need all your wits about you to keep track of every position and optimize your battle strategy. Don’t forget to scroll up and down to see what’s going on in every corner of the battlefield. Employ more effective tactics to conquer your enemy and achieve a fast takeover by launching multiple maneuvers with a single swipe of your finger. Engage the enemy on several fronts by drawing through your and their bases, then watch how your strategy works out.

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No surrender

f at first you don’t succeed in your plan for world domination, you can always try again. In this game, there’s no penalty for losing, so adjust your strategy, amass your troops and head straight back into the fight.


Ready for a casual tactical battle game that’s fun to play but also offers increasing strategic challenges as you progress through the levels? Looking for a new addiction that’s great to play whether you have just five minutes or several hours to fill? Then download War Regions now and get ready to conquer every region on the map.

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