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Apr 6, 2024
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unlock animals
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Abstract Software Inc.
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1. Play the game for free 2. All creatures available (including locked creatures)
Animash v114 Mod Apk (unlock animals)

Animash is a very creative game in which the player becomes a mad scientist, fusing various creatures and even non-living things together to produce new creatures. In order to improve the game experience for players, we have released a revised version of the Animash module, including the following changes:

1. Play the game for free

2. All creatures available (including locked creatures)

Game play

The gameplay of the game is very simple, the player only needs to choose the father and mother of the creature you want to create, and then wait for the game's intelligent AI to use its magic to create a new creature.

The possibilities are almost infinite

There are dozens of living and non-living things that can be father and mother in the game, and the game is constantly updated, which gives the game unlimited possibilities. Each combination has a unique result waiting for you to try.

Trying to create the rarest of creatures

In the game, the game system will score your creatures according to how unique and rare they are, and will also evaluate the various indicators of the creatures, and will include a funny introduction, after all, a lion and pizza combination is so funny.

Save your work

After you've finished creating, you can save your work, you can collect the results that different combinations can create, remember that the result of the creation is unique, and will not change because you switch the types of father and mother, or try many times.

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