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Adorable Home
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Mar 4, 2024
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Unlimited currency
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1.No ads 2.When you use love promotion it will not spend but gain
Adorable Home v2.5.5 Mod Apk (Unlimited currency)

Adorable Home is a very relaxing game with warm drawing style, in the game, you will move into a new home with your partner, you can decorate your house, interact with pets, and record the details of life. In order to improve the game experience for players, we have released a revised Adorable Home module vision, including the following:

1.No ads

2.When you use love promotion it will not spend but gain

What is Adorable Home

In Adorable Home, you will live in a cozy home that you and your partner have furnished together with a cute pet cat. You can add furniture to your home, interact with your cat, prepare a bento for your partner, and capture the moment on camera.

Furnish your home

In the game, you can buy a variety of furniture, and according to your heart to decorate your home, from a variety of daily household appliances, to prepare children's products for the baby, to prepare cat toys for your cute cat, a variety of objects everything, guaranteed to allow you to design a home that you are satisfied with.

Play with your cat

In the game you have a cute cat named Snow, you can feed it, pet it, cut its nails or give it a bath, each activity is a fun little game. For example, you might want to clip your cat's nails when he's struggling, or control the water temperature when bathing your cat.

Pack a bento for your partner

Every morning your partner will go out to work, you can give him or her to prepare a bento full of your love, bento consists of three parts, staple food, complementary food and snacks, you are free to choose the contents of the inside, and then use a suitable bento box, imagine how happy your partner will open the bento box!

Keep track of your life

In the game, you can pick up the camera to record all kinds of wonderful moments, from the first time you move into a new home, to the sweet time of two people, to the cute kitten, everything can be recorded, you can also check these memories at any time.

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