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Subway Surfers
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Apr 3, 2024
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Map Mods inside
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SYBO Games
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Subway Surfers Map Mods inside 1. Added Greece/Subway cityxmas/Luoyang/Arabia/Shenzhen [5 new maps], currently supports 53 map switching, you can switch between different map scenes, and experience different parkour fun! 2. Add perfect archive, unlock 100+ hidden characters, a large number of skateboards, unlock all achievements, a large number of gold coins, keys, and full talent. 3.Hack/Mod Menu 1.Invincible mode 2.Get rid of ads 3.Jump continuously 4.The 30 times point multiplier 5.Unlimited gold 6.Unlimited Key 7.Unlimited Skateboarding 8.Unlimited Items 9.Unlock all characters 10.Speed up the game 11.player get smaller 12.player get bigger Tips: 1. Before using the mod for the first time, please wait for the game to be loaded before using it 2. If the map is not switched successfully after using the mod, please uninstall and reinstall the game and try again 3. If the ON/OFF of the module map cannot be used, please restart the game
Subway Surfers v3.27.0 Mod Apk (Map Mods inside)

Subway Surfers is a classic parkour game that requires you to run in the subway rail as fast as possible, avoid incoming trains, help the main character escape the grumpy inspector and his dog, and win the highest possible score through a variety of fun and practical items. The modification includes:

1.Invincible mode

2.Get rid of ads

3.Jump continuously

4.The 30 times point multiplier

5.Unlimited gold

6.Unlimited Key

7.Unlimited Skateboarding

8.Unlimited Items

9.Unlock all characters

10. Speed up the game

Simple But Fun Gameplay

Subway Surfers started with your character scrawling graffiti at a train station, which angered inspectors. You will start parkour when the inspector's whistle sounds. Your escape route will be displayed on the top half of the screen and divided into three sections: left, center, and right. You'll have four directions to move, left, right, slide and jump. During your parkour run you will encounter roadblocks that require jumping or sliding, as well as subway train which you need to turn right or left to dodge. You must keeping maneuver to make distance yourself from the inspectors behind you. However, remember that the inspector and his dog are always chasing you behind. If you make a mistake, you will be arrested. And than game over!

Concise But Delicate Picture

Subway Parkour has concise but delicate picture. Even though the pace of the game is very fast and there is a lot of information in the screen, it still allows the player to quickly identify the obstacles ahead and take the necessary countermeasures. At the same time, the animation of the game is also very exquisite, whether is jumping and sliding, or using props, are very vivid. The beautiful 3d modeling makes the oncoming train quite striking, which raises the tension of the game quite a bit.

A Variety of Props

Along Parkour, you can pick up coins and other useful items on the way, such as a magnet to suck gold from around you, a jump pole to jump over a distance, and a running shoes to increase your jump height. When you maintain a high speed and pass a certain number of obstacles, you will gain skateboard acceleration. Skateboard acceleration will reduce the difficulty of your game for a while, while skateboard acceleration will give you a chance to pass a mistake, when you make a mistake, you will survive but the skateboard will be destroy. You can also use the jet pack to keep you airborne for a while to get over large distances and earn gold and points. This allows you to overcome a lot of obstacles while getting all the gold and items on the way, which is very powerful.

Play With A Large Number of Characters

After Parkour, you can unlock more than 20 unique characters, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics that can help you achieve higher scores in Subway Parkour. At the same time, each role has its own costume, with different costumes to dress up your favorite role!

Complete Various Missions to Earn Gold

In addition to earning coins during parkour, you can earn additional coins by completing various missions and achievements, which could be how many coins to earn, or how far to run. The quest itself is not difficult and will help you earn gold faster, thus unlocking your favorite characters and items earlier.

Subway Surfers v3.27.0 Mod Apk (Map Mods inside) Download
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