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Extreme Car Driving Simulator
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Apr 2, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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AxesInMotion Racing
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1.All vehicle prices are negative number, diamonds and gold coins are added at the time of purchase 2.Unlimited gold and diamonds 3.No ads
Extreme Car Driving Simulator v6.87.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a casual racing game. The game is easy to use and contains a variety of interesting challenges. Players will drive a variety of vehicles to ride the streets and complete various challenges. In order to improve players' play experience, we have released a modified version of the Extreme Car Driving simulator module.

In the Extreme Car Driving simulator, players will drive dozens of the latest vehicles, travel freely in the vast open world, and enjoy the joy and passion of driving. Players can also participate in online multiplayer, racing against players from all over the world.

Buy a variety of cutting-edge vehicles

In Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you can buy dozens of cutting-edge vehicles, from regular cars, to race cars, off-road vehicles, and even Tesla Cybertruck! Each car has a unique performance and appearance that can satisfy the desire of car fans to drive a variety of vehicles.

Customize your vehicle

After purchasing your vehicle, you can customize the vehicle, and the game includes a variety of customization features, from the color of the car, to the wheel style. Each vehicle has unique customization options, ensuring that you can design your own unique vehicle, in addition, these customizations will not affect the performance of the vehicle, which means that you will not be a novice in the multiplayer game, and the vehicle performance of the opponent.

Get on the road and experience the thrill of driving

After you get your favorite vehicle ready, you can hit the road, in the game you can drive through a huge city map, pick up gold on the ground, after driving enough miles, it will unlock the checkpoint mode, players will drive along the checkpoint race. At the same time, players can participate in the multiplayer mode, PVP race.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator v6.87.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download
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