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Sep 20, 2023
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Castle Master TD v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Tower defense is a popular genre in the world of mobile gaming, and it has garnered plenty of fans. A new tower defense game, Castle Master TD will give fans a surprise!


In Castle Master TD, you play as the master of your own castle. You build structures, plan defense strategies, and battle against waves of enemies who want to take over your castle. Every choice you make influences your kingdom’s destiny so you must choose wisely to protect your kingdom. Prove yourself as the worthy castle ruler in this game of strength, strategy, and survival!

Build your castle

In game, you will build your castle with blocks in the style of Tetris. The game provides plenty of types of blocks with their own distinctive features and you can go crazy with how you assemble them. For example, you can use stone blocks as the main walls of your castle and even use one or more blocks as a roof to automatically create a room for protecting your princess. Some blocks contain balconies for archers, and you can place these on the sides of your castle to stop enemies both from the ground and air.

Place trap blocks to surprise enemies

You can also place trap blocks to surprise enemies who get too close to your castle. There are plenty of them you can use such as a block that rains down enemies with arrows when they activate the trap, a hidden window where your knights throw toxic tar when enemies go under it, and all sorts of explosives to wipe out multiple enemies at once.

Face many many enemy types

There are many enemy types who will invade your castle. At first, there will be basic ground troops and tiny flying dragons. As levels get harder, you’ll encounter armored enemies and soldiers with ladders on hand to easily bypass your walls. Eventually, you’ll encounter enemies who’ll use various contraptions like wooden vehicles to bypass your defenses. It is up to you to design your castle strategically to prevent enemies from taking over and you can get as creative as you can!

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