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CarX Street
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Aug 15, 2023
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unlock all cars
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CarX Technologies, LLC
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unlock all cars Unlimited currency Note: 1. The game needs to download 1.5G data packets online. Please keep the network unblocked. When the data download is complete, you need to decompress the data twice, one for 1.8G data and one for 1.5G data. Please wait patiently for the decompression to complete. Experience the game, there will be a black screen for 10 to 15 seconds when entering the game, please wait patiently. 2. Players who want to experience this version, please uninstall and reinstall the previous version!
CarX Street v0.9.2 Mod Apk (unlock all cars)

CarX Street is a fun racing game in which players can drive a variety of cars to race. In order to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have launched a modified version of the CarX Street module, including:

1.Unlock all cars

2.Unlimited currency

CarX Street is an open world 3A racing game, where you can drive a variety of highly customizable cars for many types of races, while also can exploring the vast game world. Drive through crowded city streets or along winding hills and coastal roads to develop your own race course. Compared to other racing games in its genre, the game has stunning visuals, and the actual light and shadow are particularly impressive, making it feel like you're in a real race happening in the real world.

What is CarX Street

the CarX Street's core gameplay is to participate in the race and street drift in an open world map with rich elements (such as leap points, shortcuts, curves, viaducts, etc.), accumulate funds, buy vehicles with better performance and appearance in the 4S shop, modify the performance parameters and appearance parameters through the modification factory, and gain greater advantages in the race. Buy property in the map, collect cars from different ages or different company, participate in online competition parties, challenge friends to score, etc.

Experience the Top Graphic in Mobile Games

When you first time play CarX Street, the first thing that catches your eye is the extremely realistic graphic. CarX Street has some of the best graphics in mobile games, and its graphics are even better than those of some PC and console games. Whether it is the shell of the car shining in the sun, the scenery speeding by the sides of the cars, or the steam of the skid marks, it gives the experience of watching a real car race. Even in low quality will not spoil the experience.

Experience Over 50 Cool Cars

CarX Street has more than 50 vehicles with different performances, including sports cars, racing cars and muscle cars. Each model has a large number of customizable parts, tires, windows, brakes and so on, some can improve the vehicle's performance, let you stand out in the race, some let your car more belongs to your unique style. Come and build your unique car come as soon as possible!

Drive On Huge And Unique Map

As a racing game, fun and challenging tracks are essential, but in CarX Street, in addition to the game setting tracks, you can choose your own track in the open world. The game has a number of large maps in different styles, each with its own unique tracks and beautiful scenery, allowing you to have a long and exciting game experience. From bustling city streets to winding mountain roads, from classic and realistic racetracks to beautiful open coastal highways, CarX Street is sure to give you the racing experience of your dreams!

Win the Champion in Multiplayer Games

Getting tired with boring and stupid AI? Want to feel like a real match against a real person? Want to compete with your friends? Then join CarX Street multiplayer battles! Modify your car to keep it in tip-top condition, and then show off your personality and skill in multiplayer to win the race!

CarX Street v0.9.2 Mod Apk (unlock all cars) Download
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